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It was all smiles among the youth in Nkhata Bay having gained and shared knowledge in a training facilitated by the Sharing Education and Learning for Life (SELL) team from Ungweru Organization from the 27th to the 30th of July. The SELL team had conducted a training...

Ungweru holds a joint board meeting.

Ungweru holds a joint board meeting.

Ungweru organisation on 10th June 2023 held a joing board meeting at the seretariat in Luwinga. aThis is the firsdt time since 2016. the board meeting was attended by the board of Directors and also the board of trustees. speaking to staff before the board meeting,...

About The School 

Lusekelo school was the firast arm of Ungweru to be introduced in 2004. The school started with Primary school students coming together to learn compueters which later graduated to university students requiring to learn computers so they are able to write their assignments using computers.

In 2023, through a grant from the Irish Embassy, the school opened its doors to a new course “Tailoring and design” Equipment for the course has already been bought and the school will start running in July 2023.








The impact 

The target for the school are school going students who have finished their seondary education and are eying to either go to the University or start their own businesses. 

Since 2004, the school have produced graduates who have proceeded to the university while other have started their businesses or used their skills to secure employment. 

The TEVETA accredited institution has not only trained the students in computing but also introduce them to communication, entreprenuership and human development classes which helps them in their daily operations. 

The school will this year start a course in tailoring and designs

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