About Us

History of ungweru

Ungweru is a local NGO that was started by Bishop John Ryan of Mzuzu Catholic Diocese. It was started as a CBO in 2004 and then registered as an NGO in 2009 as per Trustee’s Incorporation Act of Malawi. Initially it operated in township of Luwinga next to his house.

Target communities were people of surrounding areas including Doroba, Ekwayiweni, Msiki, Tchatchacha and many others, in most of these areas Ungweru built  community based child care centers(CBCC).

At the secretariat, primary school kids were introduced to computer lessons and the youth were engaged in areas of climate change, healthy and Governance.

In 2010 Donors helped with funding to build a bigger secretariat where all facilities were provided for office facilities and therefore the operations moved from Luwinga Township to a place adjacent to Mzuzu University behind Tahit filling station.

Mission & Vision



Communities that co-exist for the flourishing of all Life in Malawi.



To improve the living standards and resilience of communities by furthering their human and material development, offering skill strengthening opportunities, enhancing their livelihoods capacities  and supporting young adults negotiate their ever changing world. 


Core Values

The core values are:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Team work
  • Service 
  • Respect 
  • Professionalism