In a bid to bolster agricultural productivity and empower local farmers, a significant demonstration and training session was conducted in the Tchemba section of the Manyamula Extension Planning Area. Led by AEDO Veronica Sichali and AEDC Dennis Mushani, the event marked a pivotal step towards enhancing farming practices in the region.

The primary focus of the demonstration was the meticulous layout of agricultural plots, crucial groundwork for an upcoming project that aims to provide irrigation equipment to local farmers. Funded by Misean Cara, a prominent organization dedicated to supporting community development initiatives, this project holds promise for revolutionizing agricultural practices in the area.

Ungweru Organization’s team leader for livelihoods, Noel Kumwenda, expressed enthusiasm for the initiative’s potential impact. “The initiative will increase the capacity of the Khumi Farmers group to grow their crops twice or thrice a year, and as Ungweru, we are optimistic about their growth in income levels,” Kumwenda remarked, highlighting the tangible benefits that the project could bring to the local farming community.

Reflecting on the significance of the plot layout training, AEDC Dennis Mushani emphasized the gratitude of the community. “The community is thankful for the plot layout, as they will now be able to implement it in their fields,” Mushani stated, underlining the practical importance of the training session in equipping local farmers with essential skills for optimizing their agricultural endeavors.

The activity is part of the project called High value crops for income, food and nutrition security in Traditional Authority M’mbelwa in Mzimba. The project contributed to Malawi’s Vision 2063

As anticipation mounts for the implementation of the irrigation equipment provision, stakeholders remain hopeful that these efforts will pave the way for sustainable agricultural practices, increased crop yields, and improved livelihoods for the farming community in Manyamula and beyond.