40 enthusiastic trainees took part in the SELL Programme Malawi’s fourth training, held in Nkhata Bay from January 25th to 28th, 2024. The event fostered learning, collaboration, and a deeper understanding of programme challenges and solutions.


Prior to training, the SELL team carefully made all their necessary preparations. They packed comprehensive kits, including the new Tumbuka manuals for participants and development-oriented books for independent learning. Additionally, each trainee was contacted, ensuring maximum attendance. While a few were unreachable, the overall response demonstrated a strong commitment to the programme

Engaging Sessions and Valuable Insights:

The training programme featured active participation from the volunteers. The presence of diocesan youth chaplain, Fr. Benjamin Banda, also added to the richness of the experience. His insights into community leader concerns facilitated open discussion and reflection on potential areas for improvement.

Throughout the training, volunteers played an active role. They assisted with various tasks, participated actively in the Mass and organized social activities, thus contributing to an easy learning environment. The open sharing of challenges fostered a collaborative spirit and allowed the group to brainstorm solutions collectively. This willingness to address difficulties paves the way for continued programme growth.


The overall success of the training was attributed to thorough preparations, enabling the continuous execution of activities. The open sharing of challenges among participants allowed for collective reflection and identified areas for improvement in future sessions.

While some trainees were unable to attend, the training was deemed a success, showcasing the resilience and dedication of both the SELL team and the participating volunteers. The insights gained from the diocesan youth chaplain and the collaborative spirit displayed during the training provide a strong foundation for future endeavours.

Looking Ahead:

Moving forward, the SELL Programme Malawi plans to follow up with step down workshops in all the communities that had representatives at the training. This continued commitment to development, with the support our partners (The Catholic Diocese of Mzuzu) and our benefactors (TROCAIRE, St. Patrick’s Missionary Society and SELL Connect) ensures the programme’s ongoing impact on the community.