Meet Chawanagwa Kanyika. In light of the current unemployment rate in Malawi, She thought it wise to enroll in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) classes offered by Ungweru Organisation through its skills acquisition unit.

After succesfully completing the ICT course, she landed a job at Trust Academy as both an ICT teacher and Secretary.

According to Chawanagwa, for her to become an ICT professional, it was because of Ungweru Organisation. “At first, i knew nothing about Computers. But after completing Ungweru’s ICT course, i now have knowledge about computers. All of this is because of Ungweru Organisation”, She said.

Chawanangwa attributed the landing of her Job to Ungweru Organisation. According to Chawanagwa, the ICT certificate conferred to her by Ungweru Organisation was pivotal in ensuring that she gets employed. “Previously, i was just staying but after obtaining an ICT certificate at Ungweru, I got a job at Trust Academy to teach ICT and help with secretarial duties”, she said.

Chawanangwa also stated that The ICT certificate greatly improved her livelihood. According to Chawanangwa, the Ungweru certificate helped her in such a way that she is now able to find money without much problems. “In other ways, i can say that now i am able to depend on myself”, she said.

Chawanangwa thanked Ungweru Organization and she requested Ungweru’s donors to provide more computers so that more people are helped.