Ungweru organisation in partnership with Canada Fund for Local initiatives starts implementing the Land rights project with engagement with the Gender Technical working team (GTWT) on the new project. This is a a team that is responsible for gender issues in Mzimba district and has a say on whether the project is gender sensitive as it addresses women and girls.

The GTWT appreciated the design of the project and recommended that the government office of gender should also be involved in the implementation process.

The team had reservations on culture as the project is sensitive to the culture of Mzimba. Mzimba Heritage Association (Mziha) which was in attendance said that culture is a very important element as it still has the influence regarding customary land. Mziha id the organisation responsible for maintaining culture in Mzimba district. The representative for Mziha noted that sometimes the culture is misunderstood which brings wrong co-notations and makes interventions not successful.

He added that much as the project would like to address challenges facing women’s land rights, the culture should be understood properly as it is the one uniting people in the district.

The GTWT recommended that the project should be approved for implementation is Mpherembe area.

Samuel Phiri Explaining about the land rights project to GTWT- Photo Noel Kumwenda

By Noel Kumwenda

Fundraising Officer-Ungweru Organisation